All In One Vehicle Video Recorder


  • Suitable for all personal vehicle, be it taxi, bus, truck etc.
  • Easy to install. Small in size to prevent blocking the driver’s view.
  • Plug-n-Play. The vehicle can be recorded outside driving conditions and inside sounds simultaneously.
  • 2.9mm Lens ~120 degrees (optional for M12 Len type).
  • SDHC memory card Class 6 or above recommended.
  • Image data stored in Micro-SDHC Card can be completely against the vehicle moving in the shock.
  • Auto Run Recording after SD Card Plug-in and power supplied.
  • The full recording time and date can be showing in the monitor directly.
  • Overall Quick Search Event Log.
  • Ending File in Particular Format Saved, fine in condition of power cut / no battery.
  • Real black box with professional file formats. Without built-in lithium battery, it won’t be afraid of heating and bursting.
  • Use extraordinary compression engine with data files unmodified to construct the best recorder.
  • Without any electromagnetic radiation or any electromagnetic interference, the car will not interfere with GPS or wireless devices.

Do leave a comment if you’re interested in any of our above products.

Cheers, have a nice day guys 😛

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