Superior Night Vision Vehicle Video Recorder


  • Vehicle record on outside driving conditions and audio record inside the vehicle simultaneously.
  • 4mm lens, ~90 degrees of viewing angle.
  • Image data is securely stored on Micro-SDHC card, and sudden disconnection from unexpected shock is completely prevented.
  • Simply Plug-n-Play.
  • Date / Time can be shown on the display.
  • Quick search on ALL event log.
  • Precisely recorded driving event to the very last second right before the power is cut off.
  • G-sensor and image data are recorded and playable on client software.
  • Provided G-sensor activities when system detect a strong shock. Emergency recording starts automatically and the data is securely saved and cannot be overwritten.
  • User-friendly client software.
  • Built-in synchronous single-channel microphone.
  • AV connection from the main unit to the LCD displays for on site playback and operates with and IR remote controller.

Do leave a comment if you’re interested in any of our above products.

Cheers, have a nice day guys 😛

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