Vehicle Surveiliance


  • Built-in with full HD 5M CMOS Sensor. Viewing angle ~105 degrees.
  • Easy installation. Suitable for all types of vehicles use.
  • Video record outside driving conditions and audio record inside the vehicle simultaneously.
  • G-sensor, GPS and image data are all recorded and playable on client software. (GPS optional)
  • Image data is securely stored on Micro SD Card (read/write speed 15MB/s), support Max. 32 GB and sudden disconnection from unexpected shock is completely prevented.
  • G-sensor sensitivity can be adjusted according to vehicles and road situations. When detect a strong shock, system will start emergency recording and keep the files without being overwritten.
  • The most user-friendly player software, easy to operate.
  • With full time/date record, can be displayed in screen directly.
  • Provides complete event log table, easy to search recorded files.
  • Provides a variety of recording video formats and number of frames to select.
  • Built-in Dual High Sensitivity Microphone.

Do leave a comment if you’re interested in any of our above products.

Cheers, have a nice day guys 😛

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